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I would like to go to college in the United States. How do I go about this proces?

When a foreign national is applying to school in the United States he or she must obtain an I-20 form from the college in addition to acceptance by the school. That form is taken to a US consulate (along with evidence of ability to support yourself while in school and pay for tuition and evidence of ties to your home country) to obtain a student (F-1) visa which will be issued for the duration of student status (D/S). Read more

What does it mean that there is a cap of H-1B visas?

A specialty occupation is one which typically requires a U.S. Bachelor’s degree (or the foreign equivalent) or greater and the position requires that the candidate apply in theory and practice a body of highly specialized knowledge.

What is an Intra-Company Transfer Visa?

These kinds of visas are designed for multi-national corporations who need to transfer key personnel to a U.S. corporation. The employees can either be executives or managers (L-1A) or specialized knowledge workers (L-1B).

By what method can someone apply to become a Permanent Resident of the US?

Usually a foreign national obtains permanent resident status (a green card) through family or work. The process through work often involves filing a labor certification to show that the employer cannot find sufficient minimally qualified workers. The Diversity lottery is also a vehicle for individuals from applicable countries to apply for permanent residency.